Falcon's ground floor is the firm's powerful foundation and an opportunity to build a one of a kind career.

Falcon Analysts fuel client successes through research and data analysis.  They  quickly become facile with Capital IQ and PitchBook in order to support a number of Falcon’s line of business.  The firm’s meritocracy empowers Analysts to have a full voice and contribute well beyond the scope of their position.  Finally, Falcon’s career progression from Analyst>Associate>Senior Associate>Principal>Partner offers a future limited only by one’s ambitions and ability to contribute to client success.


  • Execute value-add research through private equity-focused tools such as PitchBook and CapitalIQ
  • Play a key role contributing to the firm's various lines of business
  • Strengthen an already powerful culture


  • 0-2 years of experience
  • BS/BA
  • Best-athlete combination of cognitive and interpersonal skills