VP Content Innovation

We are on a mission to change the way private equity firms and their leadership teams create value.  We want the right rock star to help lead that metamorphosis. 

PURPOSE & RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                 

The newly created position of VP of Content Innovation will serve as a catalyst in the design/build/scale of our core.  This Principal-level role reports directly to, and works closely with, the firm’s Partners.  As with all Principals at our firm, this role will have an opportunity to be named a Partner over time, and ultimately vest into equity ownership as we scale this exciting business together.


Over the next 3 to 5 years, the VP of Content Innovation will play a mission critical role in:

  • Building Falcon CEO and, separately, Falcon CFO into distinct, invite-only, professional communities each populated with greater than 5,000 actively engaged members.  These communities will be powered by an arsenal of content, including, but not limited to:
    • Technical white papers that accelerate leadership performance and tactical execution
    • Weekly podcast episodes discussing the prevailing issues and opportunities facing the private equity-backed middle market
    • Video production spanning a variety of topics
    • Various media depicting the firm’s thought leadership and trend predictions
    • Other initiatives which will be determined in collaboration with the newly hired VP of Content Innovation
  • Conceiving, launching and scaling various lines of business that leverage the power of these distinct Falcon communities including but not limited to:
    • Pre-acquisition human capital due diligence
    • Behavioral and leadership assessment
    • Learning Management System designed to accelerate CEO and CFO on-the-job performance
    • Fractional Talent Management for private equity firms
    • SaaS-based solution designed to amplify a middle market company’s Horsepower Quotient (HQ)
    • Annual Falcon CEO and Falcon CFO conferences
  • Becoming the undisputed authority on private equity-backed middle market trends, reports and surveys.  The eventual crowning achievement here will be the quarterly Falcon Mid-Market Confidence Index that will have the power to move markets.
  • Other trailblazing outcomes that are currently on the drawing board and others that have yet to be fully articulated.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS                                               

We are seeking a new teammate who will be in the trenches with the firm’s leadership to help inform, develop and execute our vision.   In early stages of this role, the individual will spend most of their time as an individual contributor focusing on strategy, research, writing and producing deliverables.  As the position rapidly matures, the individual will begin expanding resources that may include lean staff, outside consultants and freelancers. 

The scope of this role will include, but not be limited to:

  • The design, development and execution of the firm’s communications strategy.
  • Creating the content roadmap across all categories including white papers, video, podcast, social media, learning management, event, surveys, case studies and other related materials.
  • Serve as in-house editor-in-chief AND lead content writer.
  • Resource a variety of outside stakeholders including client, executives, service providers and other subject matter experts
  • Play a key role in membership development by leveraging brand building, marketing automation and other tools.
  • Position the firm as the preferred subject matter destination for leading publications, such as The Wall Street Journal.
  • Work closely with the firm’s leadership to help expand our strategic vision and business planning.
  • Drive the development and execution of an annual membership conference.
  • Be part of a vibrant and contagious team.


We a seeking a teammate who is:

  • Intellectually curious, courageous, imaginative, trail-blazing, fun and collegial
  • Equipped with excellent expository writing skills
  • A market-savvy content creator, experienced with a variety of digital platforms
  • An expert at crafting compelling and precise narratives
  • Willing to tactically grind while being capable of strategic contributions