Rob Huxtable

How Private Equity Firms Can Maximize Their Talent Acquisition Efforts

September 10, 2020

Private equity sponsors have never relied more on stellar management teams to drive return on investment. Yet in their effort to acquire high-impact human capital, funds often unknowingly leverage outdated or inefficient processes that hinder their ability to land true “best athletes.” Chief amo...

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How to Format Your Resume for a Private Equity Opportunity

July 28, 2020

Leaders aspiring to a career in private equity must understand their resume is equivalent to the executive summary of a prospectus for a $100+ mm solution.  Best case, flawed resumes create headwinds heading into an interview. Worst case, they derail an executive's candidacy entirely. ...

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How to Diligence a PE-Backed CFO Opportunity

July 24, 2020

According to Deloitte, sponsor-backed CFO turnover is as high as 80%. A CFO’s ability to select the right opportunity (or wisely avoid the wrong one) is thus essential.  Sponsors and CEOs cannot be counted on to prov...

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Falcon Announces Two Promotions

July 21, 2020

Falcon is pleased to announce two promotions: Brandon Mihalo and Brandt Slayton, both to Associate. Mihalo has been with Falcon January 2019 and his move to Associate is a well-deserved promotion. He will continue to support the firm's private equity-backed CEO and CFO searches through efficien...

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SURVEY: Just 4% of PE-Backed CFOs Keep Inherited Teams ‘As-Is’

July 20, 2020

New PE-backed CFOs often find inherited teams lack the expertise and horsepower to maximize return on investment. That was among the key findings in a recent Vardis survey of over 1,250 North American private equity portfolio company CFOs. Only 4% of PE-backed CFO respondents report keeping ...

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