Falcon Team

Speaking the Language of Private Equity Sponsors

August 24, 2020

Private equity insiders rely on a specific vocabulary that defines their technical and behavioral approach to value creation. In this Q&A, Falcon's Rob Huxtable details how the distinct language of private equity can impact sponsor-operator dynamics. How important is it for portfolio company...

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Former Competitive Athletes in Private Equity

August 18, 2020

High stakes and fierce competition make private equity the ‘big leagues’ of the business world. Fittingly, many former competitive athletes have thrived amidst its pressure-packed environments. Aside from the obvious parallels, how might such a background better prepare an executive to prosper in P...

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Optimizing EBITDA With a Systematic Approach to IT Capitalization

August 12, 2020

Falcon's Success Stories cast a spotlight on private equity-backed operators and the tools and tactics they leverage to create real value. In each entry, a world-class executive details a practical solution to a critical business issue. To be featured, contact us with the subject line "Success Stor...

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Subtle Signs That Can Derail an Executive-Level Video Interview

August 11, 2020

Video interviews are a vital component of most modern hiring processes. Executives seeking career advancement should know how the medium can magnify a candidate's attention to detail — or lack thereof. Lindsay Guzowski, Partner at Falcon, leads C-Suite searches for a number of leading middle-market...

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High-Impact Executives Must Master the Art of the Virtual Meeting

August 06, 2020

Many C-suite executives have been forced to adopt video calls as a replacement for face-to-face interaction. Those who treat this development as merely a temporary annoyance risk becoming a casualty of the remote work revolution. Leaders invested in creating high-performance cultures must understan...

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How Sponsors Think About Platform Multiples & Growth

July 30, 2020

Fierce competition, historically cheap debt and stunning amounts of dry powder have driven buyout multiples to record highs. Therefore, funds must deploy capital despite risk, or even probability, of contracting multiples in coming years. As such, sponsors will continuously need to increase relianc...

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Aspiring Private Equity-Backed Executives Need Social Media Savvy

July 16, 2020

Lindsay Guzowski, Partner at Falcon, leads C-Suite searches for a number of leading, middle market private equity firms. Her research on leadership and culture has been published in prominent peer-reviewed journals. In this Q&A, she details how an executive’s online persona can impact career tr...

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