Brandon Hall

How to Format Your Resume for a Private Equity Opportunity

July 28, 2020

Leaders aspiring to a career in private equity must understand their resume is equivalent to the executive summary of a prospectus for a $100+ mm solution.  Best case, flawed resumes create headwinds heading into an interview. Worst case, they derail an executive's candidacy entirely. ...

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How to Diligence a PE-Backed CFO Opportunity

July 24, 2020

According to Deloitte, sponsor-backed CFO turnover is as high as 80%. A CFO’s ability to select the right opportunity (or wisely avoid the wrong one) is thus essential.  Sponsors and CEOs cannot be counted on to prov...

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SURVEY: Just 4% of PE-Backed CFOs Keep Inherited Teams ‘As-Is’

July 20, 2020

New PE-backed CFOs often find inherited teams lack the expertise and horsepower to maximize return on investment. That was among the key findings in a recent Vardis survey of over 1,250 North American private equity portfolio company CFOs. Only 4% of PE-backed CFO respondents report keeping ...

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